Support for several more file formats!

The newest version of DiskDigger now contains the following features:

  • Support for recovering Matroska videos (.MKV)
  • Support for recovering CDXA videos
  • Support for recovering MPEG videos, which also includes several other video formats that use the MPEG structure, such as .VOB (DVD video files) and .MOD (videos recorded by certain digital cameras).  Unfortunately the program can't detect the size of the video, so it will ask for the amount of data to recover for each video. Improvements to this functionality will come in a future update!
  • Support for CAB files (Microsoft Cabinet archives)
  • Support for CHM files (Microsoft Compiled HTML Help)
  • Support for SZDD files (files compressed with COMPRESS.EXE from MS-DOS)

Remember that the above file formats are implemented when running DiskDigger in "deeper" mode.  When running in "deep" mode (at the filesystem level), all possible file formats can be recovered.

Download the latest version of DiskDigger now!