Just a quick update!

This week's update to DiskDigger includes the following great new features and improvements:

  • Added support for scanning virtual disk images, including VHD files (Microsoft Virtual Hard Disk), and VDI files (VirtualBox disk images).  You can select a disk image file by launching DiskDigger, clicking on the "Advanced" tab, and clicking the "Browse" button to select the disk image file.
  • Support for recovering Adobe Captivate (.CP) files.
  • Improved detection of .FLV and .MOV files.
  • Improved recovery and previews of .PEF (Pentax Raw image) files.
  • Automatically naming TIFF and certain Raw files based on the EXIF date/time stamp.
  • Improved memory usage when previewing certain files.
  • Improved support for running under Linux.

Download the updated version of DiskDigger now!