More love for Linux users!

The latest release of DiskDigger focuses heavily on improved compatibility with Linux (using Mono).  Extensive testing was done on various flavors of Linux, as well as FreeBSD, and I’m happy to say that DiskDigger can now perform just as well on these platforms as it does in Windows.  Refer to this page for instructions on getting DiskDigger up and running in Linux.

DiskDigger running in Ubuntu   DiskDigger running in Linux Mint   DiskDigger running in FreeBSD

The following additional enhancements are also part of the latest release:

  • Added support for recovering QuickBooks files (.QPW and .WB3)
  • Added support for recovering SolidWorks model files (.SLDPRT)
  • Added support for recovering generic OLE-type files. This is useful for recovering as-yet-unknown file types that make use of the Microsoft OLE file format.
  • Improved detection of disk drives and disk sizes under Linux, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X.
  • Worked out some additional bugs related to running under Mono.

Download the latest version of DiskDigger now!


Special thanks to Chuck Easttom for the shout-out to DiskDigger in his new book on System Forensics, Investigation and Response!