Running DiskDigger in macOS

DiskDigger is not officially supported on macOS. However, it can run on older versions of macOS by using the Mono package. To get DiskDigger running, follow these steps:

  • Download and install Mono for macOS.
  • Download and unzip DiskDigger.
  • Open a terminal window, and execute the following command (in the same folder as the DiskDigger program):

$ sudo mono --arch=32 DiskDigger.exe

The "--arch=32" parameter is necessary because the Carbon driver for Windows Forms has not yet been ported to 64 bits.


Since the Mono implementation of Windows Forms on macOS is not yet completely mature, you may still see some graphical glitches or inconsistencies when running DiskDigger. These will hopefully be ironed out in future updates. Stay tuned!

Note about macOS Catalina

MacOS Catalina no longer allows 32-bit applications of any kind to run. Since WinForms for Mono requires the 32-bit version of the Carbon driver, this means that DiskDigger cannot run on macOS Catalina at this time. Check back later for potential fixes or workarounds.