News for January 2017

This month brings more exciting updates to DiskDigger for Windows! Here are the highlights from the latest version:

  • Improved and expanded support for undeleting files from exFAT partitions. Many modern flash drives and memory cards that have a capacity greater than 32GB are formatted with the exFAT filesystem, and DiskDigger is more prepared than ever to help you recover your files from these drives.
  • Improved performance when undeleting files from NTFS partitions (the program should no longer get stuck for a short period while scanning the MFT).
  • Fixed a few issues when undeleting from FAT32 and FAT16 partitions.
  • Improved support for detecting EFI partition tables, in addition to MBR.
  • In "dig deep" mode, you can now view each file's creation date and last-modified date, and sort the files by these columns.
  • Improved detection and recovery of .SQLITE databases in "dig deeper" mode.
  • Added support for recovering LEGO Digital Designer models (.LXF files) in "dig deeper" mode.

Download DiskDigger now, and don't wait to recover your files!