News for August 2017

Time for another exciting update to DiskDigger for Windows! Here's what's new in the latest version:

  • Support for recovering High Efficiency Image File Format files (.HEIC, .HEIF) when scanning in "dig deeper" mode.
  • Support for recovering Bitcoin wallet files (Wallet.dat files from Bitcoin Core, and .Wallet files from Armory) when scanning in "dig deeper" mode.
  • Enhanced support for recovering .MP4, .MOV, .3GP and similar video files, with better metadata detection.
  • Enhanced support for recovering .M4A audio files, with metadata and album art previews.
  • Improved detection of FAT32 and NTFS partitions on certain drives with 4 KB sectors, such as some newer hard disks and some models of iPods.
  • Further improvements to saving and restoring of sessions when scanning in "dig deeper" mode.
  • Improved ordering and sorting of recoverable files by date in "dig deeper" mode, for file types that contain dates in their metadata.
  • Added a more emphatic warning when attempting to save recoverable files onto the same drive from which the files are being recovered. Remember: you must never recover files onto the same disk that is being scanned, since this has the risk of overwriting other files that haven't yet been recovered.

Download the new version and see what DiskDigger can recover for you!