News for June 2019

This month brings several exciting new features and enhancements to DiskDigger for Windows:

  • Support for recovering FITS images (Flexible Image Transport System) in "Dig Deeper" mode. FITS is the image format used in astronomy, and is endorsed by NASA and the International Astronomical Union. This type of file can contain many different types of data besides actual images, and DiskDigger can now recover all of them.
  • Support for recovering SER videos, which is a video format used in astronomical imaging.
  • Support for recovering AAX (Audible Enhanced Audio) files, which is the DRM-protected audio format used by Audible.
  • Support for recovering DjVu (.DJVU) documents.
  • Improved detection of corrupted partitions on a GUID partition table (GPT).

And of course there are a few minor enhancements to DiskDigger for Android, which include optimized performance on older devices, as well as improvements to Clean Up mode. 


Download DiskDigger today to recover your lost files from any media that your computer can read! Or if you need to recover data from your Android device, find the DiskDigger app on the Google Play Store!