News for April 2020

Time for another excellent update to DiskDigger for Windows, as well as DiskDigger for Android! Here is what's new in the Windows version:

  • Performance improvements when undeleting files from NTFS filesystems on certain drives.
  • Performance improvements when recovering files from HFS+ (Apple) and ext4 (Linux) filesystems.
  • Improved support for recovering damaged or corrupted DVD and CD-ROM media.
  • Improved detection of VOB video tracks on certain DVD media.
  • Added support for recovering and previewing ILBM (Amiga bitmap) images.
  • Improved support and detection of USB floppy drives.
  • Fixed an issue when reading fragmented files from FAT12 partitions.

Download DiskDigger now to recover your precious data from any kind of media that your PC can read.


And here is what's new in the Android version:

  • Improved compatibility with more Android 10 devices.
  • Improved compatibility with older (KitKat and earlier) devices.
  • Better performance of the Wipe Free Space feature.

Get the Android version of DiskDigger now from the Google Play Store to recover photos and other types of files from the internal memory of your phone or tablet.