News for June 2021

Time for another great update to DiskDigger for Windows, as well as DiskDigger for Android!
Here is what's new in the Windows version:

  • Added support for recovering the latest version of Canon Raw images (.CR3).
  • Improved support for recovering Adobe Digital Negative (.DNG) images.
  • Added support for recovering iCalendar (.ICS) files.

And here are the updates for the Android version:

  • Added a new option to filter results based on their location on the device, whether the location is a folder or a large file (such as a thumbnail cache or database) in which the results were found. After the Basic Photo Scan is complete, the "Filter" icon should appear in the toolbar at the top. If you tap this icon you should see a list of possible locations and the number of results found in each location.  This should help in searching for a specific recoverable file by allowing you to select a location where the file is more likely to be.


Whether you need your photos, documents, or other data recovered from your Windows PC or your Android device, DiskDigger has you covered!