News for December 2023

Let's finish the year with one more significant update to DiskDigger for Windows! Here are the enhancements and new features that were added in the last couple of months:

  • Expanded support for ReFS, the Resilient File System offered in Windows Server and Windows Enterprise editions. ReFS is not officially documented, so adding support for parsing and analyzing its structure presented some difficulty. Nevertheless DiskDigger now supports recovering files from ReFS volumes formatted under Windows Server 2016 (ReFS version 3.1), through the latest version of Windows Server 2022 (ReFS version 3.7), and even the latest insider version of Windows Enterprise (ReFS version 3.12). Note that DiskDigger can technically recover data regardless of the filesystem used on the disk; these updates will simply enable it to recover files more accurately, and with better metadata, when searching a ReFS volume.

  • Further improved support for HFS and HFS+ partitions, especially HFS+ partitions that are embedded in an HFS container. Also improved support for case-sensitive HFS/HFS+ volumes. And also fixed a few possible issues when handling very large volumes (greater than 2 TB).
  • Improved support for opening VDI virtual disk images (used in VirtualBox, QEMU, and others).
  • On a whimsical note, added support for Commodore 64 disk images (D64 files).

There are also plenty of developments happening in DiskDigger for Android. There have been improvements in recovering video files, not just photos. There are also continual improvements in its support for a wider range of Android devices (different manufacturers, different versions of Android, etc).