DiskDigger in Linux, and Custom Heuristics!

This week brings another huge update to DiskDigger, with the following exciting new features and enhancements:

  • DiskDigger can now run under Linux (with Mono installed). Furthermore, running it under Linux is completely free. That's right. (Donations are always accepted, of course.) (And, under Windows, it will still ask for a License key.)
  • The program now has support for Custom Heuristics! If DiskDigger doesn't have support for a certain type of file you're looking for, you can now compose a custom filter that the program will use while searching your disk. Check out the tutorial article on how to get started, or check out the catalog of custom filters that already exist.
  • In "deep" mode, added ability to filter results by Path name.
  • In "deep" mode, improved the handling of duplicate file names. From now on, when there are multiple recoverable files called "file.ext", they will be saved as "file.ext", "file (2).ext", etc.
  • Support for recovering Adobe InDesign graphics files (.INDD).
  • Support for recovering Google Earth location data (.KMZ).
  • Support for recovering Multiple-image Network Graphics files (.MNG).
  • Support for recovering ZSoft PCX images (with previews).
  • Support for recovering CorelDraw images (.CDR).

You'd be crazy not to download the newest version of DiskDigger now! And don't forget to Like DiskDigger on Facebook, and spread the word!