Lost your files? Don't panic! Dig them up with DiskDigger.

DiskDigger® is a tool that undeletes and recovers lost files from your hard drive, memory cards, USB flash drives — you name it! Whether you accidentally deleted some documents or photos from your computer, reformatted your camera's memory card, or want to see what files are lurking on an old USB drive, DiskDigger is here for you. See the complete list of features to learn more.

DiskDigger has already helped millions of users around the world recover their lost files. What can it help you find today? Download it now and see for yourself!

Works with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Linux.

DiskDigger in Linux, and Custom Heuristics!

This week brings another huge update to DiskDigger, with the following exciting new features and enhancements:

  • DiskDigger can now run under Linux (with Mono installed). Furthermore, running it under Linux is completely free. That's right. (Donations are always accepted, of course.) (And, under Windows, it will still ask for a License key.)
  • The program now has support for Custom Heuristics! If DiskDigger doesn't have support for a certain type of file you're looking for, you can now compose a custom filter that the program will use while searching your disk. Check out the tutorial article on how to get started, or check out the catalog of custom filters that already exist.
  • In "deep" mode, added ability to filter results by Path name.
  • In "deep" mode, improved the handling of duplicate file names. From now on, when there are multiple recoverable files called "file.ext", they will be saved as "file.ext", "file (2).ext", etc.
  • Support for recovering Adobe InDesign graphics files (.INDD).
  • Support for recovering Google Earth location data (.KMZ).
  • Support for recovering Multiple-image Network Graphics files (.MNG).
  • Support for recovering ZSoft PCX images (with previews).
  • Support for recovering CorelDraw images (.CDR).

You'd be crazy not to download the newest version of DiskDigger now! And don't forget to Like DiskDigger on Facebook, and spread the word!


The biggest update yet!

This week's update to DiskDigger contains lots of amazing new features, including:

  • Support for recovering DICOM medical images.
  • Support for recovering WebP images and WebM videos.
  • Support for recovering TrueType fonts (.TTF and .TTC), with a full preview of the font!
  • Support for recovering Monkey's Audio (.APE) files.
  • Support for recovering OptimFROG lossless audio (.OFR) files.
  • Support for recovering Netpbm images (.PPM, .PGM, .PBM) with previews.
  • Support for recovering WinAce archives (.ACE).
  • Support for recovering Java Class files (.CLASS).
  • Improved detection of .M2TS, .MOV, and .MPEG videos.
  • Improved detection of long file names in FAT partitions.
  • Improved preview of Exif information in JPEG and TIFF images.
  • And best of all: in "deeper" mode, DiskDigger will now automatically name recovered files based on their contents (if possible), instead of just naming the files after the sector where they were found. For example, recovered JPEG images will be named using the date/time when the image was taken; MP3 and WMA files will be named using the artist and album title found in the file, and so on.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the newest version of DiskDigger now!

More file formats supported!

Here are some fantastic updates in the latest version of DiskDigger, available now:

  • Support for recovering RED Video Camera videos (REDCODE, .R3D)
  • Support for recovering OpenDocument files, including OpenDocument Text (.ODT), Spreadsheet (.ODS), Presentation (.ODP), and Graphics (.ODG)
  • Support for recovering Windows Metafiles (.WMF), Enhanced Metafiles (.EMF), and their compressed analogs (.WMZ, .EMZ)
  • Improved support for recovering .ZIP files
  • Improved support for detecting FAT12 partitions on physical disks and disk images.
  • Updated translation into Turkish (thanks to Harun Arı)

Download the latest version of DiskDigger now!

More improvements!

This week's update to DiskDigger contains some excellent new features, including:

  • Improved support for recovering .WMA (Windows Media Audio) files in "deeper" mode.
  • Improved support for recovering high-def MP4 files.
  • Support for recovering .AU (Sun Microsystems audio) files.
  • Support for recovering .IFF files (includes AIFF, ILBM, and 8SVX files).
  • Support for recovering .MTS and .M2TS (MPEG2 Transport) files.
  • Support for recovering .WRI (old Windows Write) files.
  • Support for recovering .ART (AOL Art) files.

Download the new version of DiskDigger now!

More features, and a new language!

This week's update to DiskDigger contains several bugfixes, as well as these new features:

  • In "deeper" mode, added buttons to "select all" and "select none", when selecting which file formats to detect.
  • Added a translation of the program into Hindi (thanks to Vasu Jain).

Download the new version of DiskDigger now!

Minor updates and more file types!

This week's update to DiskDigger contains minor bug fixes and some new functionality, including:

  • Support for recovering ArchiCAD drawing files (.PLN and .PLA)
  • Faster performance when recovering .ZIP files (and other files based on the ZIP format).

Download the new version of DiskDigger now!

Another quick update!

This week's update to DiskDigger has the following new features:

  • Support for recovering OGG media files (including Ogg Vorbis audio, Ogg Theora video, and miscellaneous media files encoded with the Ogg container format), with previews of metadata found in the file.
  • Support for recovering FLAC audio files, as well as the ability to preview album art and other metadata found in the file.

Download the latest version of DiskDigger now!

More file formats, and more languages

I'm pleased to release the latest version of DiskDigger, with these new features:

  • Support for .MDF files (Microsoft SQL Master Database File), as well as .LDF files (Microsoft SQL transaction logs).
  • Support for .MOBI files (MobiPocket e-books, such as those used by Amazon Kindle).
  • Support for eReader / PalmReader files (.PDB).
  • Translation into Greek (thanks to Vasilis Dimopoulos)

Download the latest version of DiskDigger now!

Support for several more file formats!

The newest version of DiskDigger now contains the following features:

  • Support for recovering Matroska videos (.MKV)
  • Support for recovering CDXA videos
  • Support for recovering MPEG videos, which also includes several other video formats that use the MPEG structure, such as .VOB (DVD video files) and .MOD (videos recorded by certain digital cameras).  Unfortunately the program can't detect the size of the video, so it will ask for the amount of data to recover for each video. Improvements to this functionality will come in a future update!
  • Support for CAB files (Microsoft Cabinet archives)
  • Support for CHM files (Microsoft Compiled HTML Help)
  • Support for SZDD files (files compressed with COMPRESS.EXE from MS-DOS)

Remember that the above file formats are implemented when running DiskDigger in "deeper" mode.  When running in "deep" mode (at the filesystem level), all possible file formats can be recovered.

Download the latest version of DiskDigger now!

More great updates!

The newest version of DiskDigger is better than ever, with these updated and new features:

  • Improved support for recovering TIFF images.
  • Added support for recovering Adobe Digital Negative (.DNG) images.
  • Added support for recovering AutoCAD drawings (.DWG) and DXF files.
  • Added support for recovering RealMedia audio and video files (.RM), as well as variable-bitrate files (.RMVB)
  • Added a translation into Afrikaans (thanks to Stephan Reichert).

Download the updated DiskDigger now!

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